Attorney Kim Reeder Files for Kentucky Auditor

Reeder Will “Eliminate Waste And Abuse Where It Exists”

Attorney Kim Reeder filed for Kentucky Auditor today. Reeder has worked as a tax attorney for over two decades, helping taxpayers navigate through complex rules and seek transparency from government officials.

“I believe our commonwealth is on a path to some of its best days,” Reeder said. “But that path begins with making sure our government is working for us. As Auditor, I would be committed to shining a light on how our tax dollars are spent to eliminate waste and abuse where it exists.”

Reeder is a graduate of Rowan County public schools, and earned degrees from Yale University (Bachelor of Arts), Duke University (Master of Public Policy), and the University of North Carolina School of Law.

She was born and raised just outside Morehead, Kentucky, the daughter of working class parents. She returned to Eastern Kentucky in 2014 with her daughter and began teaching at Rowan County Senior High School. She also taught at Morehead State University, at Holmes High School in Covington, and for the Governor’s Scholars Program.

“Being back home in Kentucky and working with young people made me hopeful,” Reeder said. “Creating a stronger commonwealth for the next generation of Kentuckians is why I decided to run for Auditor.”


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